(The Jennifer M. O’Neal Community Ice Arena renderings by Jeff Frame/Frame Architecture, Inc.)

Reno–With Northern Nevada’s thirst for hockey being real and strong, the passion and support behind it within the community is powerful and that has led to Reno Ice, but what is it?

Reno Ice is going to be the central hub in Northern Nevada as the premiere ice skating and hockey facility for the community in the Reno/Sparks and Carson City area.

The facility itself will bring to the people of Northern Nevada an essential and high demanding outpost for the winter sports community to train at on a daily basis.

For Reno Ice, it’s the buildup of years of hard work behind the scenes and steadfast dedication with the goal of making Northern Nevada a true destination for hockey players and figure skaters to come to and develop their skills on the ice.

For those athletes looking to make it career in either ice skating or hockey, Reno Ice will be the training ground they need to get them ready to be competitive not only on national stage but globally as well.

In doing that, the appeal factor that Reno Ice will have is that it will draw ice aficionados from all over the Northern Nevada region to enjoy an amazing outing of family fun activities, hockey tournaments, figure skating events, and other functions.

For the youth programs that Reno Ice will have throughout the year, it will teach young aspiring athletes through accountability, leadership, and most importantly team work.

In addition, ice sports provide rigorous exercise, helps promote balance and hand eye coordination, and plays an important role at building confidence and fosters strong friendship bonds, all while on ice.

Official Reno Ice Facility Location (The Jennifer M. O’Neal Community Ice Arena)

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 4.37.56 PM

Reno Ice facility will be located behind the South Valleys Library and next to the South Valleys Regional Sports Complex along Wedge Parkway in south end of town. Other points of interest near the official construction location of Reno Ice is the Sierra Summit Mall which sits along S Virginia St. just east of Interstate 580, and the South Valley Regional Park.

The facility itself will be broken up into two phases of construction.

Phase 1 will have the first rink of the facility that will feature the main entrance, main lobby area, pro shop, office space, party rooms (three), a string of locker rooms, a Zamboni room, the central hub for the ice plant, and electrical room.

Other features included in phase 1 are skate rental and skate sharping within the pro shop, raised bleachers for great sight-line viewing, a second floor social gathering area that has bleacher access, and meeting rooms.

Engineering Layout For Phase 1

First Floor-page-001
(The Jennifer M. O’Neal Community Ice Arena engineering design by Jeff Frame/Frame Architecture, Inc.)

The second phase construction for the facility will be the second sheet of ice and bleachers.

This additional ice surface is essential and necessary for the overall maximum output of the various programs and activities that The Jennifer M. O’Neal Community Ice Arena will have ongoing throughout the year.

Having the second sheet of ice will also increase The Jennifer M. O’Neal Community Ice Arena’s regional visibility as a viable location to host major hockey tournaments and ice skating competitions in the Pacific Northwest region.

With hockey and ice skating being the facilities bread a butter other forms of usage include curling, day camps, skating lessons, public skate, broomball, skating time exclusive for seniors, and the option to rent out the facility out for a private event(s).

Community And State Leaders On The Importance Of Reno Ice

“Reno Ice is so important because it supports the continuing shift in Reno’s reputation from being solely a gaming destination to an entertainment and recreation destination that is fun for the whole family. I can’t wait to get on that ice!” –Mayor Hillary Schieve

“Our community is continuing to evolve from a gaming and tourism economy to one driven by advanced manufacturing and technology. When we’re out on the road recruiting companies and their employees to bring their talents to northern Nevada, we often get questions about ice facilities, especially from startups and tech companies. Reno Ice is a much-needed addition to our list of community offerings.” –Mike Kazmierski, EDAWN (President and CEO)

“Reno Ice will be an exciting and necessary addition to our state. Because of Reno Ice’s youth programs, enthusiasm for hockey is sure to grow, and with it support for Nevada’s newest expansion team, the Golden Knights. Soon Nevada will be considered a true hockey destination.”Governor Brian Sandoval

“Reno Ice will serve as a community center that will offer public skate and free learn-to-skate programs to all children of our community, regardless of their ability to pay. Kids who dream of figure skating or hockey careers, or those just looking for a little fun, will find a home with us. We look forward to welcoming a wide variety of skaters from all over northern Nevada. Reno Ice will truly be a place for our community to enjoy and recreate together.”Joel Grace, GRCISA President

Reno Ice at The Jennifer M. O’Neal Community Ice Arena is the perfect family entertainment destination for Washoe County.

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