Summerlin- Life is Beautiful may be throwing a party downtown, but things were heating up in Summerlin at City National Arena. Many excited fans packed the stands tonight to see the Skatin Rebels go to battle against the Arizona State Sun Devils.

ASU went into the first period at full speed and really showed the Rebels they weren’t here to play nice. Throughout many fights, the Sun Devils had more penalties. Although the Rebels trailed by one point by the end, they werent ready to give up yet.

The energy from the first period carried over into the second, and the crowd got in on the action too. With penalties being called left and right from both teams, it was no surprise that ASU was able to score their second goal. But the Rebels were not having it, as they went on to the lead of 4-2 by the next intermission.

The intensity was at its highest throughout the final period. The Sun Devils didn’t stand a chance as the Rebels proved to them who’s house they were in. Rebels lead in shots on goal at this point in the game, which worked out in their favor in the end as they finished 5-3.

Join the Skatin Rebels tomorrow, 9/22, for a rematch against the Arizona State Sun Devils at City National Arena @ 2:30 PM.


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