Summerlin- The undefeated Skatin Rebels take the ice one more time at home before their first road game of the season.

After last nights’ loss, the Arizona State Sun Devils came out thirsty for a win. But throughout the first period, the Rebels showed that they weren’t going to let that happen. After a lot of back and forth, the Sun Devils scored. Their lead was short lived as the game became all tied up. At the end of the period, the shots on goal were 10-3 in favor of the Rebels.

The second period had a lot of penalties for both teams. Jared Turcotte scored the second goal for the Rebels, putting them in the lead. Until the Sun Devils scored and tied it back up. The shots on goal were in favor of the Rebels at 25-11, even though it is still anyone’s game.

It was a rough third period as both teams took multiple shots on goal with no prevail. But no one was ready to give up. With four minutes left, Joe Kaszupski broke the tie and put the Rebels back in the lead. Players from both teams took a beating and fell on the ice but all got up and right back in the game. Cody Williams scored and helped the Rebels finish strong. With a final score of 4-2, the Skatin Rebels remain undefeated!

The Skatin Rebels hit the road for Salt Lake City on 10/5 as they take on University of Utah. Catch the Rebels back at City National Arena on 10/26 against Grand Canyon University.

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