Summerlin– After last night’s shutout against GCU, the Skatin Rebels took the ice of City National Arena one last time for 2018.

In hopes of making a comeback after last night’s loss, GCU kept fighting for the puck every chance they got. But it wasn’t enough as GCU got a penalty. Shortly after the Rebels power play, #13 Eric Williams scores the first goal of the game. GCU scored off a turnover from UNLV, tying up the game. #9 Cody Williams put the boys back in the lead, and then #22 Tristan Mayer added another point for UNLV. Shots on goal was 12-7 in favor of the Rebels at the end of the first period.

Due to a late penalty on GCU, UNLV started the second period with 1:44 of power play. First goal of the period was made by #14 Jonah Pearson. Following a timeout called by GCU, #37 Jared Turcotte went on to score two goals for UNLV.

Going into the third and final period, the Rebels led in shots on goal 27-11. #3 John Moeller scored, along with #21 Jordan Rea. Both teams got penalties within seconds of each other, making the game 4 on 4 going into the last ten minutes of the game. UNLV quickly got another penalty which gave GCU the advantage of 4 on 3 play. GCU were getting a little rough as the period was winding down. #17 Zach Lawson was able to get around them to score the final goal for UNLV. The Rebels finished the game 9-3.

Catch the Skatin Rebels back at City National Arena on 1/18 @ 7:30 pm as they take on Utah.


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